About me - Susan Skelton


As far back as I can remember I have wanted to paint.


I just adore colour, strong texture, warmth and the feeling of being drawn into a painting. My influences come from many streams; an angry ocean, soft warm sand, the sun rising through heavy cloud, a clear blue sky. By incorporating these facets into my work I produce abstract and landscape pieces that are striking and at the same time very pleasing to the eye.


I also have a great passion for painting the beauty of the female form.


I have travelled considerably throughout Asia, loving every minute, all the scenary, customs, food, sights and the ways of the people. This probably accounts for the strong asian theme in my early artworks, however who cannot love the beauty of New Zealand and the fun of an abstract.


Please browse through the Gallery of paintings for sale then feel free to contact me direct to purchase or order available paintings, or commission new art work.